Posted by: Angela Buer | December 9, 2008

Italy Museums and Sites

Capua is located on the Volturno river in the Campania region of Southern Italy. It is just outside of Naples and the ancient amphitheater boasts a great little “Museum of Gladiators”. The construction of this amphitheater, the Capua Vettere, predates the colosseo in Rome by 100 years, sometime between 30 BCE and 1 CE. This ancient stadium is more enjoyable than Rome’s for two reasons, first, it is not packed with tourists and two, you can tour the subterranean levels. I found this aspect extremely enjoyable and a bit eerie. I could have sworn a couple of Roman gladiator ghosts brushed past me as my skin erupted in goosebumps.

Here are some pictures of the subterranean level.

In Capua, you can find this gem on Corso Umberto I, near dell’Arco of Adriano. Information call: tel. 0823.844206

If you want to visit this site, make sure to call ahead to ensure entrance. You will find many out-of-the-way sites like this are only opened if they are expecting visitors, but it is well-worth the excursion.



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